Women's Tea 2017

An Imperfect Christmas

Monday, December 4


Life is less than perfect, isn’t it? But knowing that doesn’t stop us from wanting perfection in our lives. We seek out the perfect hairstyle, pair of jeans and shade of lipstick. We want a perfect relationship with a friend, spouse or co-worker. Perfection comes to the surface as we celebrate a birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Are the decorations just right? Will this be the right present to give? Does the food I’m preparing look like the Pinterest photo? (Usually not!) Life gets even more imperfect with a health diagnosis or loss of a job. Major negative life events can leave us feeling hopeless.
In the ordinary, messiness of our lives, Jesus comes to bring Hope. We often find Him in the inconvenient and imperfect moments of our days. He wants to exchange His beauty for our ashes (Isaiah 61:3)

Join us as we usher in the Christmas season and celebrate the birth of our Savior. We’ll enjoy beautifully decorated tables along with an amazing array of Christmas treats. We look forward to the traditional singing of Christmas carols and hearing a special message
to bring us hope.