J12 (Jesus at age 12)

This class is geared to your 10-12 year-old children. It takes place upstairs during service (10:45-12:00pm). The testimony of Jesus at 12 is the template we will use on how to reach a generation before they need to be rescued.

Jesus spoke these 7 words at the age of twelve,

"I MUST be about my Father's business!"

Our tweens can live those same 7 words today.


  • To provide a place where children are excited to learn about the Bible, its principles, and its place in their lives, and where they gain a deeper knowledge of its contents year by year.
  • To prepare children to worship the Lord as youth and adults.
  • To train children up in the knowledge of the Lord.
  • To teach children to learn from the Bible by themselves.
  • Give children the opportunity to share their knowledge of the Bible with others.
  • Help children to be attentive, to participate, and to have respect for authority and others, in both a small group and large group atmosphere.